Puppy Preschool Course

Puppies 10-14 weeks. This is a four week class that focuses on socializing your puppy. Each week your puppy will gain confidence meeting new people and dogs. Sit, down, loose leash training, as well as house training, jumping, biting/mouthing, appropriate play will all be covered. Lots of appropriate play time and exposure to new experiences will help socialize your pup. 4 weeks.

Puppy Kinder Course

Puppies 12 - 24 weeks may attend this 6 week class.  Foundation skills of sit, down, stay and come are taught as well as real life behaviors such as greeting strangers, handling and grooming, and reaction to distractions. Loose leash walking, get it, drop it, leave it, and targeting are taught as well. The best start to teaching your pup manners and self-control! Course handouts and clicker are included. 6 weeks.

Adolescent Course

Puppies 8 months to 2 years. Adolescence can be a difficult time in your dog's life. Your sweet, pleasing pup that was your shadow has now taken to ignoring your requests, refusing to come, and even becoming fearful. This class will focus on making this stage in your dog's development a fun, happy one. Foundation skills of sit, down, stay and come are reviewed as well as real life behaviors such as greeting strangers, loose leash walking and maintaining control. Course handouts and clicker are included. 6 weeks,

Canine Good Citizen Course & Testing

This course focuses on building the skills learned in the basic class as well as incorporating the requirements for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. The CGC program is designed to encourage responsible dog ownership and to certify dogs that have the training and disposition to be well-behaved members of their families and communities. The CGC program welcomes both purebred and mixed-breed dogs. A few of the test items include Sitting Politely for Petting, Staying in Place, Reaction to Distractions and Supervised Separation. The last week we will administer the CGC Test. 6 weeks.

Out & About Course

A fun, family friendly outing! Join us for an adventure each week so you can practice everything you've learned. Environments out and about in the community bring distractions everywhere. These fun jaunts are also a great way to get together with family, friends and get a little exercise for you and your pup. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Requirements include two previous classes. Discounted rates available for those who have completed the Out & About 4 week course! 4 weeks.

Behavior Specific Seminars

If you need some specialized training in one or more of the following areas, our workshops might be for you. We offer a Focus & Sit seminar that teaches you how to maintain your dogs' attention with many distractions present. We have a Walking With Me Seminar that will focus on different tools for walking, skills on maintaining your dog’s attention, and walking with distractions. We also offer a seminar called Come & Stay that will teach a solid Stay and a Recall. Pouncing Problems is also offered for those dogs who are jumping for attention and who are way too enthusiastic when greeting others.

These workshops are offered periodically and require pre-registration and payment to reserve your spot in class. All ages and levels welcome.

Pet First Aid & CPR Course

Do you know what to do in an emergency?  Learn Pet first aid and CPR in a hands-on, positive environment from an experienced instructor.