K9 Karma training courses use positive, fun training methods to teach you to train your dog. Our classes provide a real life practicality! We will incorporate distractions so you'll be ready when the real world strikes. 

Please review our vaccination and refund policies for attending classes. Feel free to observe any of our classes before signing up and references are available. 

Which class should my dog attend?

Consider the age of your dog, your goals, and your time commitment. The 4-week Puppy Preschool Course is a great way to socialize your puppy in a safe environment, house training, and a few basic behaviors. If you want to continue those skills, the Puppy Kinder Course or the Adolescent Course is a great choice. Both cover all the basic behaviors plus fun tricks and games to get your dog excited to learn. If you have taught your dog the basics, you may consider the Canine Good Citizen Course which teaches behaviors that are essential to having a calm well-mannered member of society. The Out & About Course is a great way to practice all that you know out in the real world with real distractions. We also offer behavior-specific seminars that can focus on problem areas you need more help with and pet First Aid & CPR. 


Vaccination Policy

Puppies (10 weeks to 24 weeks old):

Puppies must have had at least 2 DHPP vaccines and a Bordetella vaccine; Rabies vaccine by age 6 months or when deemed appropriate by your veterinarian.

Dogs over 6 months:

DHLPP booster within the last year; current on Rabies vaccinations and must have had a Bordetella vaccine within the last year.


Refund Policy


A $30 non-refundable deposit is required to register for any course.

Reschedules are available for missed classes with appropriate notice.

Exceptions are determined on a case by case basis.


Please contact us if you have questions about which class is right for you and your pup. 

***Service Dog and Odor Detection Courses are available-contact K9 Karma for more information and pricing.