The cost of training a detection or service dog can be extremely high for various reasons but the most common is just the day to day expense of caring for a dog.  Just one year's worth of basic costs like, housing, vet care and food totals roughly $13,875.  That is not including fuel, travel and the training costs involved.  Nor does that include the amount to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder should you go that route versus getting lucky enough to rescue one or have one donated who is suitable for the work.  A $20,000 price tag funding goal is not far off from the reality of costs associated with a highly trained detection or service dog and no added "fluff."   

I am often asked why fund raising efforts include such high total $ goals.  There are numerous hours put into a dog being trained for detection and service work.  Often those costs are never recouped by the trainer.  In my case, I love the process and my passion for working with these amazing creatures and doing something for the greater good out ways my greed.   I feed my soul but must still break even, so this means fundraising drives are crucial.  

K9 Karma offers dogs for various disciplines-our program is extensive and we do not mass produce but rather work one on one to best determine the needs of those who want a detection or service dog.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.