1. Use crate training

    Puppies learn fast when motivated by positive rewards and interaction.

  2. Find a positive reward system

    Not every reward system works for every dog-find what works for your pup!

  3. Bored Dogs are unhappy dogs

    Dogs need mental and physical stimulation-if they do not get that stimulation they will become destructive!

  4. Socialize

    Properly socialize your dog with other dogs, environments and humans.

  5. Proper Obedience Training

    Training is the key to a happy relationship between human and dog A majority of dogs end up in shelters because they have not been properly obedience trained.

  6. Training takes patience and time

    The biggest mistakes we as humans make is to over train or to rush training techniques.  The best way to train a confident, happy dog is to take your time and find a positive reward system.

  7. Keep your dog wanting more!

    Keep all training sessions short and stop while your dog is successful.

  8. Consistency is key!

    Just like with a child, dogs must have consistency

  9. Only reward correct behavior!